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Dr. Meenu

Paul Meenu, QMHP

Dr. Paul Meenu is a psychology intern at the Center for Cognitive Therapy & Assessment. Dr. Meenu has an extensive background in business, special education, and Christian ministry and is grounded in empathic counseling. As a consummate professional, Dr. Meenu is a trainee psychologist, a certified pastoral counselor, and an educator of students with special needs. In addition to his warm and calming personality, Dr. Meenu is equipped to work from a spiritual framework to provide skilled psychological services to interested clients in distress. 

Dr. Meenu employs industry-tested orientations, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Process Therapy (IPT), Play Therapy, Mindfulness, and other time-tested frameworks to serve his clients’ psychological needs. Dr. Meenu’s clinical areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, substance abuse, schoolwork avoidance, ADHD and social skills deficits, emotional and behavioral disabilities, self-harm, marital challenges, divorce and grief/loss. He loves working with the youth & adolescent populations as well as adults.

Dr. Meenu enjoys spending time with family, traveling, watching soccer games, preaching, playing the piano, and singing in church.


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