The Center for
Cognitive Therapy

Executive Functioning Coaching and Tutoring Services

Lindsey is a Special Education teacher for District of Columbia Public Schools. She started her career in education while teaching English in Jordan. Thinking she wanted to go into foreign policy, she spent a year studying Arabic and taught English to pay for her lessons. She first moved to D.C. to work on an Arabic curriculum for the Marine Special Forces, and later, to write proposals at the same company. During this time, she couldn’t quite step away from education and began working part-time as an academic coach and content tutor. After three years of this, she finally came to her senses and realized what she needed to do: jump in with both feet and become a teacher! She has since graduated with her Master’s of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins University, taught for several years in DC charter and public schools in both general and special education English, and is again offering tutoring services part-time. Lindsey enjoys working with students on mindfulness-based anxiety management, organization, executive functioning skills, and literacy skills.

She provides tutoring and coaching services CCTA virtually and in-person during after-school hours.