History Of Practice

Director & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Falls Church, Alexandria and McLean, VA

Dr. Katie O’Meara is the Director of the Center for Cognitive Therapy and Assessment (CCTA). She opened the practice in 2005 and has expanded each year, hiring talented, warm, and experienced clinicians. Dr. O’Meara supervises each clinician, ensuring quality services. There is a focus on empirically supported therapies, communication with other treatment providers, and encouraging parent involvement in child treatment. CCTA is a close knit group of clinicians who provide support to one another, and enjoy working in collaboration for clients and families. Intellectually curious and committed to learning, the CCTA team frequently engages in continuing education to increase their knowledge on specific topics. They are committed to giving back to our community and offer pro-bono services in partnership with the City of Alexandria Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Division.

“I am constantly inspired by clients as they overcome such immense obstacles as fear, embarrassment, or even inertia; and as they invest time, money and effort into improving themselves, their family, relationships, and their overall quality of life. I get to see people change in fundamental ways every day, and that is why I find this profession both intellectually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling. As a mother of three, I understand what it’s like to watch your child struggle. My mission is to empower parents and give them the tools to respond to their kids with patience, humor, and empathy. I’m lucky to have found an amazing group of professionals that share my values and dedicaiton”
– Dr. Katie O’Meara
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