The Center for
Cognitive Therapy

Coparenting Consultation

As Parenting Coordinators, we create a safe and support setting to help parents create a plan for co-parenting in the future.  We help separated or divorced parents decrease conflict, improve communication and co-parent more effectively.  We give advice around talking to your children about divorce and separation.  We help clients make decisions together about their children, and in some cases, help them develop parenting plans and time sharing schedules that will work for everyone. Parenting plans can include agreements about holidays, summers, educational concerns, and any other issues that are relevant to a particular family. Parents are able to review various models of time sharing with us, and have the opportunity to discuss the needs of their particular children. Parenting plans take into account the ages of the children, their temperaments, and the various needs of each parent and the family as a whole.

Unlike psychotherapy, Parenting Coordination is – unfortunately – not reimbursable though insurance. Your provider will ask for a retainer at the beginning of your work together.  The retainer is renewable as the work progresses.  Details about the billing for PC services will be discussed with clients when you begin. 

Email Dr. Katie O’Meara with any questions or for further information.