The Center for
Cognitive Therapy


Socio-emotional testing looks at a person’s emotional, behavioral and social adjustment. It is recommended to clients of any age who struggle to understand or regulate their emotions (e.g. anxiety, anger, low motivation, hopelessness); which can then impact their school/work life, relationships, and overall well-being. It is also recommended for people seeking clarity on their psychological diagnosis. 

Specifically, socio-emotional testing can identify situations that overload one’s coping abilities and determine where they get “stuck”.  The focus is on looking at the defining traits of one’s personality, such as how they react to stressors, relate to others, and perceive themselves. This testing is also used to complement larger assessments, to determine if and how social, behavioral or emotional difficulties are impacting one’s cognitive abilities. CCTA offers Socio-emotional Testing as an optional “add-on” to a psychoeducational evaluation. 

During the Feedback Session at the completion of the assessment, the evaluating psychologist will summarize their findings into a comprehensive, detailed “snapshot” of the client’s adjustment at that moment in time, along with areas of emotional strength and challenge. Your evaluator will also make specific recommendations on how to alleviate any roadblocks that have been identified. 

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